The Balloon Vibe

Adding a fun, energetic, cool vibe to events in Northeast Ohio

When a kid gets a balloon, that’s nice.
But when they make one, you get…
The Balloon Vibe.
It’s this amazing feeling that your guests get when they make something out of balloons all by themselves. And that means everyone gets to keep their balloons, without standing in lines and waiting forever in the scorching sun.

No one ever goes to an event to stand in line for a balloon.

So, how can I serve you today?

No-Line Balloon Services

Balloon Entertainment

Balloon Entertainment

Book us by the hour and watch kids NOT standing in line

Balloon Workshops

Balloon Workshops

A great interactive solution for groups with more than 50 kids

Go Premium

Go Premium

Expect the balloons to be big. Like OMG type of big!

What Type of Events Enjoy the BALLOON VIBE?

If you are celebrating anywhere within Northeast Ohio – then we need to talk


Opening events, Launches and Picnics


A FUN experience for 3-12 years old


Kids actually learn stuff when they try it out


The little ones simply LOVE Balloons

Special Events

Tell us about your needs. We LISTEN


The best solution as an activity for kids

What does it mean Balloon Entertainment with NO LINES?

When kids stand in line waiting to get a balloon, no one wins. The kids get frustrated, their parents lose patients, and closing the line is always a disaster about to happen.
Luckily – you have just stumbled upon a NO LINE service. The balloon vibe hands a balloon for each kid before teaching them how to twist them. This entertainment style gets everyone involved all at the same time. Including some fun and save games and skills based workshop that will make it even more interesting.

A Galley Filled with Smiles

When kids don’t have to wait for their balloon, while standing in a line, they tend to smile more, and the results show up in the memories and the pictures.

What People Said About Us

Don’t Ask Your Guests to Stand in Line. We Sure Won’t!

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The Amazing Benefits of Booking the Balloon Vibe

When you are working with a market veteran like Brad from the Balloon Vibe you are saying yes to these wonderful benefits:

No Line

Kids participate and create the balloons all at the same time, by themselves


The smile on the kids faces is a result of their success, they did it and are thrilled about it


Kids that show their work to their parents gets compliments that mean a lot


When everyone are participating at the same time, they are fully engaged


Happy kids look better in the pictures. Say no to taking photos of a line of kids.


Expect surprises like silk juggling, magic tricks and more

Balloon Workshop – 25-50 kids

It’s an experience filled with color and FUN
(and the kids get to take the balloon home with them)
Balloon workshops are a great way to get everyone involved in one goal: good joyful fun. Each kid will get to make four balloon designs: a dog, a sword, a hat and a secret design. I can tell you what it is, but then it won’t be a secret, right?

A great add on for any school activity, and you can schedule a few of these workshops back to back to involve everyone in the excitement. Suitable for kids from ages 3-103. And at any age they get to actually do it, and the feeling of success fills them up with motivation.
The experience can last anything between 30 to 60 minutes, according to your needs.

Go Premium

a Special Package for Special Events

Expect the balloons to be big.
Like OMG type of big!
This is a festival of balloons all happening in your event. Including:
  • PHuge balloon masks prepared on the post
  • PThe wow factor of balloons that are bigger than any balloons you ever seen
  • PIncreased flexibility in the length of the event (up to 3 hours)
  • PPrinted balloons that get kids extra excited
  • 7 Balloons in shapes and sizes that make the experience exotic
  • PThe right choice for anyone that gets truly happy when everyone enjoy premium balloons

Our Prices

Easy to understand, no-line party options


Balloon Entertainment

  • N45-60 minutes
  • NUp to 25 kids


The GOOD VIBE Workshop

  • N60 minutes
  • N25-50 kids


GO Premium

  • N180 minutes
  • NNo limit on the number of kids

Behind the Scenes of the Balloon Vibe

About Brad Thompson

Hello I’m Brad, a balloon entertainer.

My roots as an entertainer were juggling – and the idea of learning new skills became a passion of mine. It all started with the book “Juggling for the Complete Klutz” which my parents bought me on my 16th birthday.
The book mentioned how by teaching what you learn in the book to others, you will get better at what you want to learn. I took that idea to heart.
And ever since then I practiced my teaching skills, as much as I did with learning skills.

Those roots made me make a big decision – that I will incorporate teaching in a fun way to any performance I do.

Later as I got into balloons, I was shocked at how often kids were conditioned to stand in line for a balloon. That did not make any sense to me – you can’t learn anything while standing in line, waiting for your turn.

I started experimenting and perfecting the art of entertaining kids in a group, with balloons as my medium.

The end results are presented here before you – 100% NO LINE services that are truly engaging and allow me to share my joy and infectious passion for learning and teaching physical skills.

I’m looking forward to creating smiles and memories with ALL of the guests of your next events, without making them stand in lines, and while getting everyone to feel like they did it. It was all by themselves – they created something from balloons, and it’s theirs. Now that is an experience worth booking.

Why Booking the Balloon Vibe Makes Sense

“I have never seen kids get so engaged,”

Kate M.

"I would give 10 stars if i could . He got the whole family involved . We learned to make balloon dogs . Amazing balloon work as he also gave my daughter a grinch ! A great bonus to family night"

Liza Smith

"The Balloon Vibe were amazing with my little toddler. Patient, Energetic, Entertaining, and even made her into a custom balloon person."

Jessa Lee


Q: What do you mean by a NO LINE balloon entertainment service?

A: Kids literarily do not stand in line when I am around – they don’t like waiting that long for a balloon. So instead I get everyone around to hold a balloon and I guide them in twisting that into a shape. They do it by themselves and get excited about their creation.

I also add stories, jokes, and juggling to the mix, and the end result – an experience kids truly enjoy.

Because no one wants to stand in a line and wait for hours for a balloon.

Especially parents 😉

Q: Do you also hand out balloons that you make for the kids?
A: I often do, either by making them on the spot, or pre make them, depending on the needs of the event.
Q: Where in Northeast Ohio do you serve parties?
A: From Clevelend,
Q: Is this better than standing in line?
A: Oh yessss. Way better. Parents thank me often as they remember the pain of the last time they stood in a line for a balloon (that popped a minute after they got it). Some people wait in line for TWO HOURS before they get one. Not on my watch. Expect everyone to enjoy an entertaining balloon twisting experience, minus the lines.
Q: What are the options for paying for this service?
A: I accept cash, check, Cash app and Paypal.

Don’t let your guest stand in line.

Hurry Up and Book The Balloon Vibe

Location: Northeast Ohio, OH, USA

Call Us: +1 (440) 653 0417


“Life changes when you smile, and you get one in return,”

Brad Thompson

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